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Published:November 4th, 2012 11:50 EST

Video: Joe Biden Screams At Crowd In Colorado

By Robert Paul Reyes

Vice President Joe Biden may be full of malarkey, but he`s worth his weight in gold to the journalists who cover him.

When a reporter sees a glint in Biden`s eyes, he hopes it`s not just a cataract glowing, but a sign that Joe is about to say something stupendously ridiculous.

Joe rarely disappoints, during a campaign event in Colorado he got into an argument with his microphone. Joe yelled: I wish to hell they would turn this mic up!

Joe, maybe they need to turn up the volume on your hearing aid. The problem isn`t the microphone, or the TelePrompTer, it`sthe nonsense you are spouting.

Two more days, and hopefully Biden will disappear from the political landscape.

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