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Published:November 5th, 2012 13:46 EST
Free E-Books For The Web Community To Enjoy

Free E-Books For The Web Community To Enjoy

By Keith Johnson

This past summer, I wrote an e-book called 365 Amazing Writing Tips and I brought this e-book to the marketplace and web with great enthusiasm and also great expectations regarding readership. It went well. However, as I marketed the book and collaborated to get it distributed, I also saw how many people, literally, did not have even five dollars to spend on an e-book. That is just how tight things are in the marketplace these days.

Five dollars today, for many people, is money that buys food or puts gas in their car. So, I have revised all my books based upon this realization and insight and understanding. With the exception of one or two of my e-books, ALL will be free downloads from the web. They will be able to be read on ALL devices and ALL platforms that have web access (secure PDFs). In this way, everyone can benefit from my e-books, bar none.

Everyone who has a sincere need to learn about topics that my books address will be able to read and benefit in some way, totally free of charge. What I have done is put, on the last page, a simple PayPal link for those that willingly want to donate a small fee to help me cover my publishing and web hosting costs. Otherwise, my e-books are totally free and for the entire web community to enjoy and benefit from. Sound like a great deal? I certainly hope you agree!

Just go to "" to see the e-books that are currently available as free downloads. Cheers and Happy Reading, Keith Johnson, M.S. Education, Senior Technical Writer