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Published:November 5th, 2012 11:01 EST
NHS Pharmaceuticals Should be Purchased from Europe - Not From the Middle East!

NHS Pharmaceuticals Should be Purchased from Europe - Not From the Middle East!

By SOP newswire2

It appears from the result of the recent EU vote, that it is entirely possible that the entire drug inventory of the NHS, totalling hundreds of millions of pounds, could in future, be sourced from Israeli suppliers. The result of that would mean that none of us would have any option but to ingest into our bodies products from a state whose policies of apartheid are anathema to so many thinking people who believe strongly in democracy and human/ civil rights. 

Furthermore, such an arrangement would hold Britain hostage to the politics of an extreme right-wing government of a Middle Eastern state that could at any time exercise control of the health of the entire British population by withholding supplies or doubling the price etc.

It is a matter of state security that essential products such as pharmaceuticals should be purchased either from British or EU suppliers, and not from the Middle East. It makes no sense and is an exceedingly dangerous proposition to jeopardise the security of the United Kingdom in order to save a few pounds by buying the cheapest available product from a country outside the EU and one which is expected to shortly instigate a dangerous conflict that has the potential to become one in which nuclear weapons are deployed.

Pharmaceuticals are essential to health and should not be entrusted to a state that still sponsors assassinations of its enemies and dissidents, that still holds thousands of political prisoners without trial, and which continues to expropriate Arab land by illegal settlement in violation of international law and the directive of the United Nations.

Britain should not be placing itself in such an invidious position whereby the Israeli government is allowed to obtain leverage over the United Kingdom in the same way as it has over the US.

By Douglas Reed