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Published:November 5th, 2012 15:22 EST

Video: Hikers Run Away Screaming Like Schoogirls From Bigfoot

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The friends in Utah were filming what they thought was a bear until it stood up and was massive.

`We went camping...and saw some deer up on a hill that we wanted to get a closer look at,` reads the YouTube page.  `On our way up, we thought we saw a bear, until the monster stood up and looked right at us. We ran straight to the car after that, leaving our tent and everything behind. It`s probably still up there.`"


Yahoo News 

The dude who uploaded this video on YouTube goes by the name "Bear Card", typical nickname for a stoner.

I`ve looked at the video a few times, and it`s impossible to determine if the creature is a bear, or something else.

But even though Bear Card doesn`t appear on the video, I know he`s the biggest pu{}sy ... cat in the world.

A real man won`t leave behind his camping gear just because a bear stands up to stretch his limbs.

We may never know if there really is a Bigfoot, but we certainly have enough evidence that there are a lot of wimps.

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