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Published:November 5th, 2012 12:10 EST
Who Will Be the Next US President, Obama, Romney or Netanyahu?

Who Will Be the Next US President, Obama, Romney or Netanyahu?

By SOP newswire2


The man who desperately wants to continue to run American foreign policy for the next four years is the same man who has virtually decided it for the past four years " Binyam Netanyahu, prime minister of Israel " the man to whom all Members of the House of Representatives were obliged to give "a standing ovation` when he addressed them in Washington, not so long ago.

The plain fact is that AIPAC, Netanyahu`s powerful Israel lobby in America, vets every Congressman and woman, and any one who refuses to accept the agenda of the Lobby is most unlikely to become, or to remain, a member of Congress. That means that the House of Representatives is representative of AIPAC not of the American people. That is not democracy!

President Obama will now have the opportunity, during his second term, to change this paradigm whereby a foreign state has unwarranted influence over US foreign policy " policy that affects much of the rest of the world. Whereas the Republican party are quite happy with this state of governance by an unelected lobby, the Democratic party of America is not.

That is why the world watches with such interest this election and why anything but a second term for President Obama would be a tragedy for democracy, for the global economy, for justice and for peace. It is the responsibility of the elected president to run America together with Congress - not the job of a lobby that represents a foreign state.

By Douglas Reed

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