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Published:November 6th, 2012 10:03 EST

Mr. Adnan Oktar Calls for Action to Stop the Persecution in Rakhine, Myanmar

By SOP newswire2

Regarding Rakhine:
- No measures are brought against the state
- No embargo is being applied
- United Nations is not taking any steps
- Reports are not reflecting the true situation in Myanmar

- The situation has largely fallen of the radar screen of international media

Mr. Adnan Oktar calls for action to stop the persecution in Rakhine, Myanmar

ADNAN OKTAR: Look at the immorality of the state within a state in Rakhine; in June 2012, a report was spread that three Muslims had raped a Buddhist girl. That was organized by the government. The government deliberately spread such a false report. Buddhists then rose up and attacked Muslims. Ten Muslims were martyred by Buddhists in June.
Then Muslims protesting against these events were attacked by fanatics and Burmese police. Many Muslims were injured or martyred. Then fanatical Buddhists and Burmese police began raiding Muslim towns and villages. Many villages, mosques and madrassas were burned and destroyed. Property was looted. The dictatorship secretly supported these attacks. Muslims responded in self-defense. More than 100,000 Muslims were made homeless and tens of thousands were martyred.
The communist military junta who controls the administration in Burma promised a transition to democracy and had begun carrying out various reforms. But when that disorder arose the reforms were halted and martial law declared in the region. In other words, they prepared the ground for martial law to be declared. The declaration of martial law in the region also suited China`s purpose since it has good relations with the Burmese government. There is no independent media organization in Burma.
There is only one media organization, and that carries news originating from the government. Many Muslims are known to be being tortured in prison. But no certain information about their numbers and identities can be obtained. Muslims have no freedom of travel. They have to pay tax and obtain official permission to travel from one village to another. They cannot own mobile or landline telephones. They are not allowed to own motor vehicles. They cannot go to state hospitals. They have to get permission to marry and pay high taxes. They are not allowed to build concrete houses.
They can build timber houses, but these are regarded as belonging to the state. They are not allowed out after 21:00 (9 PM) and cannot visit relatives and neighbors without police permission. They are not allowed to study after high school. They have no citizenship rights.
They cannot get passports. They have no right to a defense counsel if accused of a crime, and they are immediately imprisoned. The administration hands out weapons to Buddhists who settle in Muslims homes and fields, and it encourages Buddhists to attack Muslims.
Muslims fleeing the persecution in Rakhine try to escape to Bangladesh by boat. But Bangladesh is already facing poverty and refuses to admit refugees. It even sends refugees already in the country back. Since refugees cannot enter many countries, they drown in the sea and in rivers.

... Buddhists are very placid people. They are very tranquil. Buddhists do not shed blood. There is something odd here.
Muslims should treat people as brothers, with affection. Buddhists are very mild and gentle people. What is the point of sitting and driving them crazy? Some of them even wear masks to stop them from swallowing flies by accident. They even avoid that, they are even scared to kill a tiny insect...
Buddhists are very wretched people, they are putting it all down to Buddhists. But would a Buddhist ever kill? Buddhists would never persecute anyone. That is not in their nature. These guys are professional killers, communists. They know no Allah, book or faith.

" Muslims should actually watch over Buddhists. They should collaborate with them and treat them with affection. Buddhists are very mild and gentle and love other people very much. All right, they may be on a wrong path, hold a false belief, but theirs is still essentially a true faith. Buddhism is a corrupted form of a true faith. Note how their clothes resemble those of pilgrims on the hajj. They prostrate themselves and use prayer beads. They constantly make recitations. It resembles Islam in many ways. They have their pilgrims, too, just like our Islamic conception.

 Theirs is a religion that has become corrupted over the course of time. That is why it would be very useful for Muslims to forge an alliance with Buddhists on all subjects. They must be affectionate toward and pray for them, for their well-being. They are applying a policy of mutual recrimination against them, and that is wrong.

... Turkey should send a brigade of troops there. They would all become soft as lambs if we sent just two regiments. There would be no question of them doing that any more.
" Ever since 1962. The military [in Myanmar] are communists. What does America do? It intervenes on the slightest pretext when it thinks it necessary. They are slaughtering Muslims here. They could not bear it if Christians were involved. One would not expect them to do nothing if it involved Jews or atheists. A fleet should be sent. We do not want food and drink. Let us buy a ship and send it overseas, or make one, or obtain it from overseas. Turkey must issue an ultimatum. There can issue a joint ultimatum with Pakistan. That will mean them acquiring a great force. They will tell them to stop behaving so vilely, and that will be that. If Muslims do something wrong, then there can be an intervention against them, too. If Muslims are making life difficult for them, they can be stopped, as well. That is not a problem. But killing people is a horrible thing. It is utterly wrong to martyr Muslims.
... Muslim countries refuse to admit persecuted, slaughtered, fleeing and martyred Muslims. This immorality is happening because Muslims have no leader at their head. Even if they were to send a fleet packed with Turkish troops, there would be no reason for the troops even to disembark. Turkey could officially condemn those Islamic countries. If they want money, let us send them money. What need is there for this immorality? People are dying there. This is a huge thing.

" We need to perform wide-ranging investigations. The Turkish government has its experts on the subject. We must speak with them. But it is presumably communist China that is involved behind the scenes. In that case, the subject of China needs to be raised. We must concentrate on whoever is pulling the strings.

... [Work is taking place on a new Chinese pipeline in the Rakhine regions where Muslims live. There is a question of China wanting to use the ports in the region.] China might be trying to make room for expansion there. China must respond to these things. Let us write to the Chinese Embassy and ask. Is it you pulling the strings? " let us ask. That is really infuriating.
If China is really following such a sly policy, then that is disgraceful, and very ugly " China needs to respond very differently; it should explain itself. And if that is not the case, then China needs to intervene. If they are peaceful and want the best for people, then the Chinese Army should intervene. This disgrace is unacceptable.
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