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Published:November 6th, 2012 16:31 EST

Priest, 85, Rappels Down Side Of Cathedral To Challenge Negative Stereotypes Of Seniors

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An 85-year-old Australian priest, Tim Harrison, who rappelled down the side of a cathedral said his stunt was designed to challenge negative stereotypes of seniors."



Rappelling down the side of a 131-foot-tall bell tower will only reinforce negative stereotypes of seniors, only a kook would attempt that feat at the age of 85.

Sorry Harrison, but most people have negative views of seniors and priests, you are attempting the impossible.

Harrison says the stunt is proof that he still has a few good years left. Hogwash! At that advanced age, no year is a good year, and one more stupid stunt like that and he`s not going to have any years left.

Dude, if you want to improve the negative stereotypes of seniors, sell your house and all your belongings and give the money to a youth group.

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