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Published:November 8th, 2012 11:22 EST

Jermaine Jackson Seeks To Change Name To Jermaine Jacksun! What A Tool!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Jermaine Jackson doesn`t want to be a Jackson anymore?

The older brother of Michael Jackson filed a name change petition Tuesday in Los Angeles, reports the AP.


He wants to switch to Jermaine Jacksun. He says it`s for artistic reasons."


Personally I don`t care if Jermaine Jackson changes his name to Jermaine Jackass, but as a pop culture critic it`s my responsibility to cover the eccentricities of celebs.

Jackson claims he is changing his name for artistic reasons, but we all know that he`s milked the death of his more famous sibling long enough, and now it`s time for him to generate publicity some other way.

I just pray that my favorite Jackson, Tito Jackson, will never change his name. Tito owes his fame, wealth, and basically everything good that has come his way to Michael Jackson.

I don`t have the talent in any field to ever become as famous as Michael Jackson, but there`s always the slight hope that lightning may strike as I will get lucky like good old Tito.

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