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Published:November 8th, 2012 11:32 EST
Prayer Day November 16: 'Thanks for Renewal'

Prayer Day November 16: 'Thanks for Renewal'

By SOP newswire2

The biggest winner in today`s American election is the Lord and His body of believers who are awakening and beginning to be renewed. Through trying times and extensive prayer there has been a renewal among Christians. Regardless of the outcome of this Presidential election, the Lord is victorious; He is choosing the next President. In the process the body of Christ has been mightily activated. Many have turned to the Lord in the face of horrific storms, desperate financial situations, and bold political challenges to our Biblical values and our religious liberty. One person calculated 17 different prayer or worship initiatives to bring this nation back under God.

To honor this beginning of renewal among believers the nonprofit, nondenominational Christian project, National Day of Repentance, now in 36 States and 6 nations, is encouraging Christians to set aside some time in their homes or churches on November 16, 2012 to pray with others and declare thanks for God`s renewal among believers in our nations.

We pray that as a result of such time of prayer on November 16 many will reclaim God`s destiny for this nation as a lamp of His Liberty; that we will be one nation depending on God`s favor and wisdom, not man`s limited secular thinking. Many of the founders of this nation were devout Christians who became public servants. Having seen the threats to our nation when we have a secular mentality in our government, many Christians will now continue to be politically active; many, we hope, as public servants. Many will pray that the person elected President will have a direct experience of the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit and align his policies accordingly.

To honor the roots of our faith this time of prayer is set to take place on November 16, this month`s "Rosh Chodesh," a day of new beginning, marking the new moon for the Hebrew month of Kislev. Typically the prayer on Rosh Chodesh each month is: "May it be Your will... that You renew this month for us for good and for blessing." That also will be our prayer on November 16: we will pray in Jesus/Yeshua`s name, for God`s will to continue to renew His body in this and other nations. There`s no obligation in participating. Please join us --

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