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Published:November 8th, 2012 13:15 EST
Settling the Debate: Salvation

Settling the Debate: Salvation

By SOP newswire2

For over a thousand years, the Christian community has debated the manner of salvation. Current Arminian teaching focuses on man`s freewill choice, to the exclusion of God`s all-knowing omniscience. They teach that God does not predestine anyone for heaven or hell; that He cannot have what we refer to as foreknowledge, as this would ultimately not allow people to freely choose to accept or reject Christ as their savior. Calvinists, on the other hand, preach election. They say that before time began God elected certain people to be saved, and that Jesus died only for those elect. If someone dies without accepting Christ, he or she just wasn`t predestined to.

So which is it?

  • Are people saved on their own timetable through their own free will?

  • Or are they only saved according to God`s sovereign election?
John Larson ascertained that the Bible shows both positions to be partially correct; but at the same time, both to be partially in error. And his book, "The Day of Salvation: The Bible`s Answer to the Calvinist/Arminian Debate", biblically demonstrates this to be the case. In the book, he shows that God guarantees to call all capable people to salvation one time in their life, and only one time. It comes on each person`s customized, pre-ordained and spiritually orchestrated, Day of Salvation (DOS). On this day they will be given their most perfect opportunity to obey God`s holy commandment, delivered to them by the Holy Spirit, to accept Jesus Christ as their sovereign Lord to become their Savior. This book shows how the Bible substantiates those who know, but cannot explain how, God can be sovereign and still allow man free will in regards to salvation.

Larson came to these insights after years of Bible study, including significant word studies. He is a firm believer in understanding Hebrew and Greek word definitions, including their grammatical notations, as well as the context of verses and passages, to rightly divide the Bible. By accurately handling Scripture, many of the common misconceptions of the Bible are cleared up, which in turn leads to the DOS doctrine clarifying many "problem passages" of the Bible regarding salvation.

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