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Published:November 9th, 2012 11:29 EST

Video: Artist Jan Fabre In Hiding After Posting Cat-Throwing Video! Sadist Deserves No Peace!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Belgian artist Jan Fabre may have taken the thrill of hilarious cat videos too far in his latest work. The artist staged a full-on cat-tossing performance in Antwerp recently, launching several furry pets into the air only to watch them fall loudly onto what appears to be a poorly-padded flight of stairs.


According to Belgian newspaper La Libre Belgique, the artist has already received 20,000 e-mails about the performance and has been attacked seven times by club-wielding men while jogging in the park."

Huffington Post

A performance artist has a lot of latitude in expressing his artistic vision, practically anything constitutes performance art.

But torturing animals doesn`t qualify as art, the abuse of animals is a crime in most countries, and this sadist should be behind bars.

It appears the men who attacked Fabre knocked some sense into him; he finally apologized explaining that the cats are fine.

Actually it was probably fear of being beat up again, and not remorse that compelled him to apologize.

Fabre isn`t much of an artist, and he damn sure isn`t a veterinarian, the poor cats were screaming in terror, and I wouldn`t be surprised if they suffered internal injuries.

The men who attacked Fabre were either performance artists, or art critics who were demonstrating their disapproval of Fabre`s "art."

I don`t condone violence, but I hope that Fabre will be dogged by animal rights activists for the rest of his life. Whenever he performs, whenever he makes a public appearance, he should be greeted by animal lovers.

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