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Published:November 12th, 2012 17:49 EST
The Key to Living a Healthier Life May Just Be in a Little Cup of Tea

The Key to Living a Healthier Life May Just Be in a Little Cup of Tea

By Ron G Anselm


I don`t know about you but I have to have my coffee, especially in the mornings. Thinking about drinking a cup of tea over drinking a cup of coffee in the morning is to me like buying the brand ame "Great Value" at Wal-Mart over buying any top brand names when it comes to good products, it just isn`t going to happen.

Now, the health benefits of drinking tea are being looked at as helping you live a healthier life. Studies into the health benefits in tea are ongoing and have not been confirmed yet but most of the research that has been done is pointing more in the direction of tea may just turn out to be your multiple vitamin in a cup.

I know I normally do not drink tea. If I drink a cup of tea it has to be almost that the world is coming to an end because I just don`t enjoy a lot of the flavors of tea. I recently was at the mall here in Hoover, Alabama and noticed a new franchise called Tea Vana which is centered on the cultures of the Orient.

As I walked around the mall through the hustle and bustle of the weekend shoppers, I could smell the sweet aroma of some of the world`s best teas that would make the tea lover instantly drop their shopping bags and run into Tea Vana for a cup. I decided to give it a try, heck, why not try something new? Nothing ventured nothing gained if I don`t like it.

As I walked into the tea store it was almost like walking into a Super Target. There were different varieties of teas all over their shelves.  They also had different types of tea makers for every kind of tea. They had tea cups which were numbered so extensively they couldn`t fit them all on the shelves that they had to have make shift areas for the cups to be able to get them on the sales floors as to not miss a sale.

There were sales people walking the floor as if I just walked into a Macy`s in New York City. I didn`t know selling tea was like running a corporation, that`s how long it had been since I even attempted to delve into a cup of tea.

I walked up to the counter. The tea person (I guess you could call them) asked me politely, "What can I get for you, sir?" I stood amazed at the numerous different types of tea that completely filled the back wall of the store. The tea canisters were so high on the back wall it instantly sent me into a flashback of trying to Boogie Board some of the waves off Malibu Beach as a kid that had walls so high you had to actually look straight up to even see the tf them.  

I came back to reality and said, "Let`s try that white looking tea over there on the right."e turned around, grabbed a tea scooper (I guess you could call it) and opened the top of the tea canister. The sweet smell of heaven filled the room as she scooped the tea out carefully measuring the ounces as to not fill the tea scooper with too much and cut their profit margin on that one cup but to also make sure that the exact amount of tea was being used to make my cup of it as to ensure the proper mixture of tea and hot water would create the ultimate flavor that would send me back for more of the same in the future.

She poured the content of tea into a tea maker that looked like something NASA Scientists would use to study the Solar System. It was high-tech and had temperature gauges to steep every kind of tea depending on what types they were brewing.  It had timers that would brew and blend the perfect cup of tea as to not over brew to kill the flavor. It had every type of device on it to make sure the perfect cup of tea always reached the customer and not disappoint them.

She handed me the cup of tea after it was done brewing. I paid her and was on my way. The sales girl at the front of the store as I was walking out to the mall stopped me for a second and said, "Do you know the health benefits of tea?" I replied politely, No, not really." She handed me a pamphlet that looked like something your doctor would hand you on your yearly physical. It was all about the health benefits of drinking tea which is yes, a marketing and selling tool for the store but also is an informative way to learn about tea and what it can do for your body.

When I finished my cup of tea I felt like I was the picture of health. My energy level went up, my dehydration was filled like I just drank a jug of water, and I felt like I was reborn again, so in my opinion there are health benefits to drinking tea and each type of tea has different health benefits associated with it. Some of the research that is ongoing but has not been proven yet in the health benefits of drinking tea are:

Cardiovascular Benefits: Research is still being looked at as to if there are certain benefits in drinking tea that may positively affect cholesterol levels, blood pressure and atherosclerosis. There`s some early evidence that regularly drinking green tea may reduce heart attack risk or atherosclerosis. There`s conflicting evidence on black tea consumption and heart attack risk reduction. (

Cancer: And this is a big one now days, research is still ongoing but is looking like the possibility that regular black tea consumption may influence cancer rates and drinking white tea may protect against colon cancer but again, no definite evidence to support this is firm as of yet.

Bone and joint health: And this is good for older adults or older athletes like myself that feel the pain in my knees everyday of playing sports and kicking in the Martial-Arts and the wear it has on the joints over time, Early laboratory research indicates green tea could be beneficial in reducing inflammation related to arthritis and slowing cartilage breakdown. Some early data indicate that regular tea consumption might improve bone mineral density in older women. (

Memory: This extends to Japan where it was sown that the older adults who drank green tea on a regular basis showed less signs of memory difficult than the ones that did not drink tea on a regular basis but again no concrete evidence to support this premise yet.


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