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Published:November 14th, 2012 10:51 EST

During Superstorm Sandy NBA Player Deron Williams Sees UFO

By Robert Paul Reyes

"There were lots of objects flying around Brooklyn, New York during Hurricane Sandy but no one expected that a UFO was being tossed around by the winds as well.


Brooklyn Nets player, Deron Williams, saw an unidentified flying object just as the lights went out during the super storm. He is convinced that he was witness to this strange other worldly sighting as people were seeking a dry shelter during the storm."


I don`t follow the NBA, and I don`t know anything about Deron Williams, but I`m convinced he`s a freakin` moron.

During Hurricane Sandy, when transformers are blowing up left and right, and lightning fills the sky, Williams sees a green flash across the sky, and his peanut-size brain deduces it`s a UFO.

Dude, people have lost their homes, and some are still without power, people, especially New Yorkers don`t want to hear your UFO tomfoolery.

Make yourself useful and help with the clean-up effort and donate some of your millions to the Red Cross.

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