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Published:November 14th, 2012 09:58 EST

Video! Awkward, UFO Turns Out To Be Spotlight On Forestry Vehicle

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Investigators studying footage of a possible UFO seen above a Perthshire forest have come up with a more terrestrial explanation.

The strange light was recorded above Clunie Forest near Pitlochry by Adrian Musat on 5 November.


He sent the footage to the British UFO Research Association for analysis.

The experts said the object was not alien in origin, but actually a spotlight on a forestry vehicle."


You are driving through a forest, and you see a strange light in the sky and because of the magical setting, you imagine it`s a UFO or Superman flying to his next adventure.

But it turns out the light wasn`t in the sky, it was actually within the trees, and it wasn`t a UFO or Superman showing off, it was a spotlight on a forestry vehicle.

Musat is bound to be an object of ridicule for the rest of his life, everytime one of his mates sees a forestry vehicle, they will tell him: Dude, there goes another UFO.

I believe there is intelligent life in the universe, but intelligent extraterrestrial life wouldn`t waste their time and resources investigating a planet where there is precious little intelligent life.

Dude before you call the media or the cops to report a UFO, put your bottle of booze down and rub your eyes, that UFO is probably a neon light on a candy store.

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