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Published:November 16th, 2012 12:50 EST
"Diwali" Festival of Lights- the Triumph of Good over Evil

"Diwali" Festival of Lights- the Triumph of Good over Evil

By SOP newswire2


It is with much pleasure that I welcome you all to the Mayor`s Parlour.Today marks an auspicious date in the Hindu Calendar.All over the world Hindus celebrate "Diwali" the Festival of Lights- the Triumph of Good over Evil- the Passing from Darkness to Light " from Falseness to Truth."

My wife and I are delighted that you have made the effort to be here this evening.

Gibraltar owes much to the Hindu Community.For many many years you have beenthe backbone of Gibraltar`s Trading Community.Many of you have been born here.Like myself many in Gibraltar have shared schooldays with members of the Hindu faith and have developed very close friendships.

As Mayor I represent the whole of Gibraltar where Civic Matters are concerned. Therefore, shortly after my installation some three months ago,when preparing my calendar for the year Ifelt it would be most fitting for me as your Mayor to invite as many of you as possible to join me on the occasion of the celebration ofDiwali.I am very happy that I have been able to do so.

Unfortunately, limitations on spacehave dictated the numbersI have been able to accommodate.I am indeed sorry.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I could stand here and talk to you about the significance of Diwali but I would only be taking up your time. You all know much better than me the importance of Diwali. - the festival of lights.

For the past few days you have been celebrating with your families and friends. You have highlighted the return of Lord Ram from exile, when small lamps lit his way home.

Today marks the third day of the Diwali Calendar and it is proper we should offer our compliments to Lashkmi Puya the Goddess of plenty and wealth in the hope that she will shower her blessings both materially and spiritually over all of us.

You have reflected on the Year that has gone by and have offered your prayers for a good year to come.

I trust the year that has ended has been a good one and I join you in your expectation that the new one which has just commenced will bring health, happiness and prosperity to all the members of the Hindu Community in Gibraltar and the world over.


Mayor of Gibraltar

Photo Credit:

Mr Anthony Lima MBE Rd* Mayor of Gibraltar. (with the chain)
To my right Mr Vikram Nagrani President of the Indian Community in Gibraltar.

To my left The Honourable Mr Fabian Picardo Chief Minister of Gibraltar.

The other photos are of some of the invited guests. there are two groups one of ladies and one of gentlemen.