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Published:November 17th, 2012 11:29 EST

Giant Statue Of Lord Shiva Stolen, Sold As Scrap!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A faithless crime committed at a Hindu temple in New Jersey is being investigated as possibly a heist for metal to be sold as scrap.

A sacred statue, worth nearly $10,000 and weighing roughly 1,000 pounds, was somehow stolen.


The congregation of the Gandhi Center & Hindu Temple in Wayne is angry and saddened that its beloved statue of Lord Shiva is gone after it was taken in the middle of the night on the holiest day in Hinduism `the New Year`."


The theft of a statue of a Hindu god may be a crime, but it`s poetic justice that an impotent deity who allows himself to be carried off by thieves, was sold as scrap.

How I wish that the millions of icons and statues of gods all over the world would be sold as scrap, and the money given to the poor.

It`s not just the gods made of gold, silver and metal that are useless, it`s also the gods we make up in our minds.

I don`t have any special animus against the Hindu faith, I despise all organized religions.

If the statue of the Lord Shiva is stolen on the holiest day in Hinduism, maybe the congregation should be exploring alternate truths.

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