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Published:November 18th, 2012 10:04 EST
Call to Business or Ministry Conference: Helping Christians Succeed

Call to Business or Ministry Conference: Helping Christians Succeed

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A Christian Vocation Minnesota-based institution of higher learning is helping Christians start their businesses or ministries in less than five weeks or registration in their "Call to Business or Ministry Conference."

On Saturday, September 29th, 2012, the North Central Theological Seminary created a five-week program to be held three hours on Saturdays named, "Call to Business or Ministry Conference." The purpose of the five-week conference was to take Christians who feel a call to start their business or ministry but can`t do so because they don`t know how or have no money to start. The seminary recruited some of these Christians, each of them paying just under $600.00 to participate in the program. Dr. Evangelist Phil speaks of the promises they made to the participants prior to their registration.

"Regardless of how many years they have been thinking of starting their own business or ministry but could not do it because of lack of knowledge or money; we will train them and guide them, and at the end of the five-week program, they will be in business. We promised them that we will provide them with possible alternative ways of making up for the knowledge, education, or money they think they needed to start their business or ministry but did not have. We promised them that we would save them thousands of dollars in attorney`s fees by helping them draft their LLC Incorporation papers and operating agreement, or non-profit incorporation documents and corporate charter." Said Jegede.

All the people that registered had great ideas but less than $2,000 available to spend to make their dreams a reality. "Less than $2000? A drop in the bucket when it comes to taking an idea from scratch to reality." Said Dr. Evangelist Phil. Did North Central Theological Seminary keep their promise to help launch the participants` idea into reality within five-weeks of their registration in their "Call to Business or Ministry Conference?" Did the seminary help the participants overcome all the obstacles that previously stood in their way? "We invite people to visit our website, and read our success stories, it is better to put faces to our successes." Said Dr. Evangelist Phil.

The Seminary operates under the principle that if they help Christians succeed and their light so shine before men, that people see their good works, and glorify their Father which is in heaven, then they have fulfilled their mission. "In our determination to help participants in our `Call to Business or Ministry Conference` succeed, we drafted their business formation documents, and also invested more than $3,500 of our own in-kind resources in the development of each of our participant`s high profile, database driven, dynamic website because what we do is not about them or us, it is about Him...Jesus." Said Dr. Evangelist Phil.

To this end, the Seminary invites people who are currently in the same position (dreaming of starting a business or Ministry) their previous conference participants were before they trained and helped launched their business or ministry to register for the next five-week session of their "Call to Business or Ministry Conference" starting in mid December and launching their businesses in January of 2013. "What a great way to start the New Year," Dr. Evangelist Phil concluded.

Tim Kopp
North Central Theological Seminaryv 4111 Central Avenue Suite 201D
Columbia Heights, Minnesota 55421

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