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Published:November 18th, 2012 10:11 EST
Just Another Normal Day?

Just Another Normal Day?

By Ed Roberts



You wake up

Get out of bed

And without thinking

Hit the light switch

On the lamp next to the bed


Nothing happens


Just like it did



Another day in paradise

You say softly to yourself


You grab the flashlight on your dresser

Walk to you closet

Gather your clothes

And begin to get dressed

In the dark


You keep telling yourself

That you will need to either start waking up later

Or leave the drapes open in the bedroom

So you can wake up with the sun


You walk past the television

No, it hasn`t worked in more than a week

A week that now seems like forever

You turn on the battery-powered radio

The one you had found in the closet

That had been there unused for years

Luckily you still had batteries

It is hard to believe how hard these are to find right now

Of course

Everyone else is needing them as well


You listen to the constant reporting

They quit playing music the day the storm hit

Of course they also went off the air for several hours

But now all they do is report on the damage

And every now and then

Let people know

Where they can go to get help


No one knows how long it will take

When the power will return

When the streets will be cleared

When people will be able to start rebuilding

Or even whether they can or not


Right now everyone is waiting

Simply surviving

And sharing the same prayer


Praying for the one thing that seems so far away

They pray for


Back to normal


For some though

Normal has simply changed



Ed Roberts 11/16/12


There are so many dates that this poem could be about






And now



It is sad that sometimes it takes a disaster to remind us how much that we really need each other.