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Published:November 19th, 2012 11:03 EST
Netanyahu Ordered the Brutal Assassination of Palestinian Leader in Gaza

Netanyahu Ordered the Brutal Assassination of Palestinian Leader in Gaza

By SOP newswire2

Israeli settlements, intended to abort the establishment of a Palestinian state, have been condemned by the UN, the EU, Britain, Russia and the US as illegal and a deliberate obstruction to peace. As a direct result, the Palestinians in Gaza have been bombarding southern Israel with home-made rockets, for years, as their only method of resistance to the right-wing, occupying Likud government under Binyam Netanyahu whose policy is to ethnically cleanse the entire West Bank and East Jerusalem.

This week, ahead of the coming Israeli elections, Netanyahu ordered the brutal assassination of a Palestinian leader in Gaza. It was carried out in the usual method of such state sponsored assassinations against a people with no aircraft and no tanks with which to defend itself.

So far, Saturday November 17th has seen 38 Palestinians killed by Israeli air strikes, the vast majority being civilians including children. The Israelis have lost 3 civilians to rockets fired from Gaza.

Israel is now massing tens of thousands of its troops and armour against the virtually defenceless 1.7 million people of Gaza in much the same way as in Operation Cast Lead in which they killed 310 children under the age of sixteen together with over 100 of their mothers. Another massacre is expected as the world looks on.

Now, not only is Gaza at great risk but also Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Netanyahu in his quest for re-election has started a war that can have enormous and terrible consequences for the Middle East and for global peace.

By Douglas Reed