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Published:November 20th, 2012 16:01 EST

Video! Kitten Rescued From Inside Statue Of Abraham Lincoln

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Rescuers in Florida said they drilled a hold in an Abraham Lincoln statue to free a 3-week-old kitten that somehow became trapped inside the monument.

The local Humane Society and Minneola Fire Department said they drilled a hole in the Lincoln statue Sunday afternoon at the President`s Hall of Fame in Clermont and a firefighter climbed inside to rescue the kitten."



The good people of Florida have their priorities in order, saving a kitten is more important than maintaining the integrity of a work of art.

The curator of the museum, who created that Lincoln statue, adopted the kitten, whom he has already named "Abe."

A big round of applause for the Humane Society, the Minneola Fire Department, and the curator of the museum.

Make this Thanksgiving special, adopt a kitten or a puppy at your local Humane Society.

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Photo Credit: (generic kitten, not Abe)

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