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Published:November 25th, 2015 19:12 EST
12 Tips For A Peaceful Thanksgiving Holiday

12 Tips For A Peaceful Thanksgiving Holiday

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Remember that this is a time of giving thanks for the people and relationships in your life that you enjoy.


12 Tips For A Peaceful Thanksgiving Holiday

1. SSS- Stand Back, Shut Up & Smile.

2. Understand what your expectations are. If you expect only laughing, hand-holding and a family sing-a-long, you will probably be disappointed when that doesn`t actually happen. Keep your expectations low and don`t react when others don`t read your mind.

3. Go late or leave early. Remember common courtesy and let the host know in advance what your plans are.

4.  Schedule and plan your holiday parties and activities you enjoy in a time frame that is workable for you.

5.  Arrive at those functions you choose in a festive mood.  Bring joy and peace to the event. Projecting your good mood onto others will hold holiday funk at bay.

6.  Don`t get trapped. Plan to have a safe person... your spouse, a sibling or a trusted friend. Be sure it is someone who will support you if a conversation turns sour. If they can`t be with you in person, have them on phone standby.
7. Avoid conversations with people you want to avoid. Steer clear of the ones who will naturally pull you in. Plan your polite, yet to the point, conversation stoppers.

8.  Practice some stock one-liners to deflect the negative comments you`d like to avoid. Include, "Perhaps you`re right", "That`s an interesting opinion," "I`ll think about that perspective" or "I need to wait on this until I have more information."

9.  Excuse yourself if you find yourself biting your tongue...people frequently stay too long in a place where conflict is likely to occur. Walk away, just leave, go for a walk. You will be amazed how few people will miss you.

10.  Avoid the 3 C`s... Criticism, Complaints and Condemnation. Don`t fight every fight. Don`t win every argument.
11.  Bring your compassion, humor and graciousness... remember that everyone feels stress around the holidays and emotions run high. Try to look the other way when you hear a negative comment or give someone the benefit of the doubt..hope they do the same for you.

12.  Above all LLL: listen, listen, listen. Often we increase conflict by talking and restating our positions. Stop and listen to what the other person is saying. What you thought you heard may not be what they said.

Tips providied by:
Brigid A. Duffield
The Law Office of Brigid A. Duffield, P.C. &
Legally Speaking, Inc.