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Published:November 22nd, 2012 19:37 EST
The Web Bot Project and Mayan Calendar Say the End is Near

The Web Bot Project and Mayan Calendar Say the End is Near

By Ron G Anselm

It`s kind of funny when I hear the hype about the end of the world being predicated to come this December 21st, I mean really? Talk about taking the fun out of Christmas shopping, "Geeze!" But then again with all that has happened the last four years it kind of makes you wonder what to think.

We have all lived history in the making with things that we never imagined would happen such as Obama getting re-elected (Woops, kind of came out uncontrollably, well this is another story for another time); an economy that once stood as strong as a beam of steel only for us to be able to watch as it melted to liquid Jell-O.  We also saw strong companies fold as if they were unskilled poker players trying to bluff their way to winning the pot of bets in a back door alley poker game in some Redneck bar in backwoods Hillibillyville, USA.

The coming of the end of the world is sure to happen but the question is, when? Will it be just before Christmas comes this year? Or, when God decides as the Bible says? I guess one good way to look at the end of the world coming if it does happen next month with the tight financial times and a lot of people short of cash you could really save a lot of money not having to buy Christmas presents but then again if the end of the world were to happen next month having all the money in the world wouldn`t amount to a rotten hill of beans now would it?

It is a hard pill to swallow to think that one day this big rock we all have to share with one another will probably just blow up and disappear and there will be no more Starbuck`s, Wal-Mart`s, drama in Hollywood, well. .. you get the picture.

For those of you that may be new to what the Web Bot project is, the story behind the end of the world comes from what is known as Web Bot. Web Bot refers to an Internet bot software program that is claimed to be able to predict future events by tracking keyword entered on the Internet. It was created in 1997, originally to predict stock market trends (, 2010 Define: Web Bot) or whoever developed this software probably thought they figured out a way to hit it big in the stock markets (almost like insider trading) and rake in the riches with every prediction web bot gave them on what stock to buy to hit it big.

The software operations is to track keywords entered on the Internet, this use of technology is called Spiders, which crawl the web on various search engines to search for those keywords that were entered. Once the technology finds a certain keyword it makes a record of the text before and after the keyword, then the record is sent to another program which once again filters and defines the meaning but remember, all technology including computer software is first developed by man and however they program the software is how that piece of technology is going to perform so again this is manmade but could this software really take on a mind of its own?

It looks like the software did supposedly? Or, actually? take on a mind of its own sort of like I mentioned in one of my past articles on Web Bot a few years ago, the movie, War Games" in 1983 with Matthew Broderick when back in those days we were all geared up to have to possibly defend our country against the Soviet Union and all our Government focused on back then was who was going to fire the first shot which is referring to being ready for Russia when they decide to lob over a nuclear war head to try to wipe us off the face of the Earth.

The computer in War Games decided to take on a mind of its own and started the countdown to doomsday when it locked every IT professional out to stop it from launching one of our nuclear war heads over to Russia to start the beginning of World War III. Back then the drama of who was going to win the cold war (not the same cold war as when Kennedy was President) but the cold war when both our country and the Soviet Union respected one another with having military might as strong as getting hit with a right hook from Mike Tyson and on the other hand not really broadcasting that both our governments were probably as scared of one another as a housewife finding a mouse in the kitchen and calling for Boots the family`s cat to come and get it.

This is the concept that Web Bot supposedly took on; to take on its own personality and do whatever it felt like despite doing what it was programmed to do. This concept is sort of out there but for me to say that Web Bot is for real is the same as believing in the Easter Bunny. You would have to really prove it to me before I would say, Yes, you`re absolutely right, it does exists."

I could say that what is written as Web Bot actually predicting what has happened the last four years and in some cases before and that what it is supposedly going to predict in our future would be for me to say that the Web Bot project is actually for real. Again prove it.

For those of you that may be into science and the world of believing crystal balls do exist then let`s explore a little about the Web Bot project and what is supposedly did predict the past few years. One of the first predictions that caught the eye of whoever wanted to believe that Web Bot had prediction capabilities was back in 2001 when the Web Bot software predicted in the future there was going to be some sort of major life-changing event going to take place.

That prediction could have been misinterpreted because if the software takes keywords people enter into any search engine on the Internet and then sort of collects and brainstorms each keyword and then spits out a prediction from those keywords then this would leave a ton of room for error but who really knows.

We know one life-changing event that took pace was 9/11. This first time attack on our country was a huge life-changing event that affected our country as a whole. Other life-changing events as we know is the crash of our economy when people lost everything, lost their jobs, had over fifteen-million people unemployed, companies closed, people who never thought they were ever going to become homeless did and lived in tent cities which sprouted up faster and more abundant during that time than a field of dandy lions in spring and we all sort of went into a state of mind of shock and disbelief as our once "abundant" in everything attitude quickly changed to survival" in all things.

Other predictions that did become a reality that Web Boot made was the crash of the stock market back when this whole mess started and people who had worked for a life-time lost their retirement and savings and found themselves having to sit at kiosks and fill out job applications at companies like Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Target and other major retailers who probably were those only companies back at that time still hiring sporadically. So, did Web Bot really hit the bulls-eye and predict these things to happen?

If you try to research information about the Web Bot project there is not a lot to find out, probably because it is the same concept as taking a psychology class at the college level and finding out when you get to the chapter of the human brain and you find out the chapter is only one paragraph long because how can we study ourselves when not much is really known about the entity we are trying to study? That would be the same concept as making a decision then questioning yourself on why you made the decision you did without any rhyme or reason as to why to question yourself in the first place.

The same goes for the Web Bot project; not too much is really known about it. We have to really just sit back and wait and see what else is going to happen in our world and then take that world event and link it to how the Web Bot software could have predicted it to happen, sort of like blaming the Web Bot project for making whatever that future event may be to happen.

To go further into what the Web Bot supposedly did predict to happen that did become a reality are below:

1). In late March of 2008, Massive unemployment will take place (Mc Clung, D. 2010)

2). In the summer of 2008 " A major backlash against our Government could force a call to hold the elections early (Mc Clung, D. 2010)

3). Basically the economy could force more foreclosures on homes (Mc Clung, D. 2010).

4). In October of 2008 there could be a, or will be a major stock market crash or a major event that will have a bad effect on the economy (Mc Clung, D. 2010).

5). In 2008, there could be major bank failures. These failures could force a foreign bailout (Mc Clung, D. 2010).

6). In December of 2008. There could be possible earthquakes and tsunamis (Mc Clung, D. 2010).

7). Governments around the world are focusing on diverting the media attention away from the real-life problems and converting those problems into trivial aspect such as politics and pop culture (McClung, D. 2010).

8). In 2009, Well-Known people will start disappearing without explanation (Mc Clung, D. 2010).

9). In 2009, Earthquakes may damage dams and/or much unprecedented flooding may occur (Mc Clung, D. 2010).

10). In 2009, anyone who lives in rural areas will begin to arm themselves and begin stocking-up on many weapons and lots of ammunition (Mc Clung, D. 2010).

11). In the summer or spring of 2009, a global coastal event or process (possibly a tidal change) will involve a rise in sea levels that will knock out oil refineries and severely hamper sea ports (Mc Clung, D. 2010).

12). In 2009/10/25, a big crises is kicked off, it could be that Israel bombs Iran, or that the swine flu goes into a level of extreme lethal level, 10 days later; in relation to this crisis, the Obama Administration will be thrown into chaos. When Israel bombs Iran, they will use a nuclear tipped bunker buster that will hit something unforeseen underground. As a result, a radioactive cloud will form that will pollute and sicken Southeast Asia. This will cause much of the world to turn against Israel. (Mc Clung, D. 2010).

13). In 2011/05, the magnetosphere problems could lead to ultraviolet scorching of crops. Grain crops will fail mainly in the Northern Hemisphere which will lead to food riots in the summer and spring. Specifically, there will be riots in Rome that will spill over into the Vatican (Mc Clung, D. 2010).

14). In 2012, there will be an ultimate demise for millions. The cause will be brought on by some combination of pandemics, economic collapse, and breakdown of healthcare and unknown energies from space (Mc Clung, D. 2010).

You can see that these past world events that Web Bot supposedly predicted did actually happen but with all the keywords fat fingered into search engines on the Internet and Web Bot working overtime to sort of the meanings could have really been people seeing things that could happen with each event taking place and typing in the result of what could happen with what just did happen and then Web Bot hitting the prediction accurately? If that is the case then are we really psychic? And can predict what is going to happen in our own destinies? Wow, I guess I am really getting into this deep but let`s keep it simple.

First of all my question to you is, Do you really believe that Web Bot is for real on predicting the future accurately? If you do then you are now probably in the first stages of standing in line at Wal-Mart and buying survival supplies to stock your basements as if you were going to live in them like they were bomb shelters because you would then believe and be gearing up for the end of the world to happen December 21st.

If you`re like me and don`t believe Web Bot is really accurate that this all may be just hype and you are going on with your life in your normal daily routine and going to still decorate for the holidays and buy your family`s Christmas presents like normal and oh yeah, going to clean the chimney and fireplace so when Santa does slide down that broken down chimney with a jolly, HO! HO! HO! This year like all past years he won`t get his bright red suit and long white beard dirty because you are a messy housekeeper then you are right now as you read this probably chipping away at that grime that has taken up a home in your fireplace the last ten years.

If you are one of the ones that never are able to make your mind up (Like my ex-wife, dang, there I go again onto another subject..) then you are probably sitting in your front living room, on your favorite lounge chair by the warm fireplace (that you are in the stages of deciding if you should clean or not for Santa) and wondering if and when you should hit Wal-Mart to stock your basement in preparation for the end of the world that (in your mind) may and may not come if and if not it does, then you are probably driving yourself crazy with all the back and forth wondering you are at this time doing trying to make a decision.

So, to try to alleviate your migraine headache you are probably in the first stages of getting reading my article and trying to piece together a valid thought process and make sense of it all; in one of my last articles on this NASA and some Mayan scholars came into the picture on weighed in on Web Bot by saying, as people continue to believe there could be something that does happen in the year 2012, others like some scholars, Mayan Scholars, and NASA have said that any and all of these predictions do not hold any basis for saying this is real and will become a part of reality in the year 2012. NASA also states that the catastrophe that is believed by some that is supposedly going to happen in 2012 holds the same substance as what the Y2K Bug held in the year 2000.(Anselm, R.)

So, there you go, you can relax and put back that bottle of Tylenol and breathe a sigh of relief because this probably does hold as much substance as the big hype and drama of what the Y2K bug was supposedly going to do to us back in 2000 and we all know that turned out to hold as much truth as watching a dud firecracker go off and explode.

It all comes down to what you believe and choose to believe. As for me, I look at things in more scientific terms when choosing what may be real and what may be false. You have to have supporting evidence that makes sense to say that something is real and will happen and with Web Bot in my opinion, there is no supporting evidence to make me jump up and say, "This is it; the end of the world is right around the corner."

As I said in one of my last articles on this in closing, "Will this become a reality? Or, is it just paranoia" (Anselm, R.)

You decide.


Anselm, R., (2010) Are the Predictions by the Web Bot Project For Real? ( Retrieved 2012. (My own writing and reference) and Mc Clung, D. (2010) from my past article.

Well...My manuscript which as most of you probably know is in the production stages of being published at my publisher who is Tate Publishing. The next step is the developmental editing stage which is like taking a thesis statement (the opening statement of what the piece of writing is going to be about) and then building the complete thought process from that thesis statement into the flow of thoughts that make the complete piece of writing make sense and into one entity. Of course, when making this happen for a complete book it takes a little more time to do so. The developmental editing stage is scheduled to start next month and I want to make sure I put out a product for you to thoroughly enjoy that makes you want to read my book over and over again. Sort of like watching a great movie and then wanting to watch it again and again because you just can`t get enough of it. The title for now is Our Grand Ol` National Past Time " which is on the complete game and history of Major League baseball. My book is for all audiences from ages one to one-hundred and one and beyond and is not just for the sports and baseball lover but for everyone that loves to read. I will keep you all updated through the publishing process and if the title should possibly change and when my book will be available for sale for you to buy your copy of it.