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Published:November 24th, 2012 22:44 EST
Nov. 24th: The Anniversary of Lee Harvey Oswald's Death

Nov. 24th: The Anniversary of Lee Harvey Oswald's Death

By SOP newswire2

Anniversary of Lee Harvey Oswald`s death is Saturday, Nov. 24, and his former lover is asking America to reconsider what they think about him

Lee Harvey Oswald`s Girlfriend, Judyth Vary Baker, says Lee Harvey Oswald was not JFK`s lone killer and she wants the average American to rethink what they know about this man on the 49th anniversary of this death following the assassination of President Kennedy.

Judyth Vary Baker`s explosive story brings new insight to the role of Lee Harvey Oswald in the JFK assassination. She is a living witness to events that changed America, and knew Lee Harvey Oswald as well as other key players in the fateful November, 1963 events. She is touring the west coast, discussing events that changed America including:

How tainted polio vaccines, which proved that cancer could be transferred by injection, spurred a physician to recruit her for a research project that became linked to anti-communist extremists;

How Lee Harvey Oswald became her constant companion, and eventual lover, due to his relationship to this same project which developed a direct anti-Castro component;

The last words Oswald spoke to her two days before the JFK assassination.

Former Governor Jesse Ventura calls Baker`s book Me and Lee stunning and ranked it among his six favorite conspiracy reads.

Judyth Piazza interviews Lee Harvey Oswald`s Lover Judyth Vary Baker on The American Perspective