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Published:November 26th, 2012 10:11 EST
2012 US Presidential Election Astrologically Correct

2012 US Presidential Election Astrologically Correct

By Kushal Kumar

I am an internationally known writer of Vedic astrology. For the last six months I have been covering the US Presidential election 2012 astrologically to predict the outcome of the election as well as the crucial circumstances affecting the outcome. I am proud to claim that I have been remarkably accurate on both counts.  

After the election results were out, I analyzed my predictions to compare with actual happenings on the ground in my article. Accuracy of the second term prophesy for President Barack Obama" published on 10 November at,  which can be visited by browsing/ticking  "Recent Articles" on the home page of the Weekly. The salient features of the predictions are mentioned below.  

The first prediction made by this writer about six months back was that President Obama has a clear edge. The accuracy of this prediction has been confirmed by the election results.  

The second prediction made in the month of August 2012 was that the horoscope of Vice Presidential candidate Joseph Biden suggests a better strengthening effect on President Obama as far as the coming election were concerned. This prediction was proved right when Joseph Biden made a forcefully successful debate with his counterpart Paul Ryan and was rated by the media as having infused lifeline into the campaign. 

 The third prediction also made in August, 2012 covered the block voters who would favour the two candidates.  

This writer had said that "the disadvantaged US citizens in some sense" would favour the block voters for President Obama in the election, though others would also vote for him. Going by media reports, as to the block voters who elected President Obama, it can be said that this part of the prediction has also substantially come accurate.  

This writer is citing only one source in support of the aforesaid statement of fact though there are numerous. The celebrated daily of the north India, The Tribune, dated November 8, 2012, carried the first news on the front page captioned "Four more years for Obama" adding that minorities and women voters clinch it for Obama.  

The fourth prediction of this writer was that it is the operative Saturn which has potential to bring Obama to White House again in US Presidential election 2012, though not without struggle. This part of the prediction has also been proved right by the different stages of election when struggle was intense. 

The fifth prophesy of this writer was that in astrology, Saturn signifies gas and oil so, besides prosperity through adversity. 

Here is a catch. Going by media reports, these aspects during election helped President Obama. It is the Super storm Sandy which halted Romney`s upcoming scenario and the necessary successful demonstration of leadership by President Obama to face the national crisis, confirmed in US citizens a kind of confidence in him.  

In short, this part of the prediction has also come right. In conclusion, it can be said that astrology has a definite role in foretelling the future.  

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