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Published:November 27th, 2012 13:28 EST
Falsely Charged and Arrested for Allegedly Raping a Young Girl

Falsely Charged and Arrested for Allegedly Raping a Young Girl

By SOP newswire2

Hate crimes instigated by disgruntled ex-members of a Washington State church escalated in March 2012. Malcolm Fraser, an assistant pastor of Sound Doctrine Church, was falsely charged and arrested for allegedly raping a young girl seven years prior. The insubstantial evidence against Mr. Fraser, taken solely from a one paragraph allegation, was used to launch the irresponsible case against him.

An investigation has been requested against Detective Grant McCall and the Enumclaw, WA police department to discover the depth of their participation in the hate crimes. Articles offered as conclusive evidence for bias in the arrest include close connections with the former church members and an email demonstrating prejudice and religious intolerance sent to the mother of the accused. In the official police email Det. McCall states that the local ministry (Sound Doctrine) is "completely without the Gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ . . . The fruit exhibited by Malcolm`s group is evil and twisted."

This incident, and others, forced Sound Doctrine Church to stop weekly worship services and programs, a direct violation of their religious freedoms. Experts for the defense comment that the State has yet to drop this case due to prejudice against the accused as a ministry leader. This demonstrates religious ministries, especially Christian organizations, are victims of prejudice in many such cases.

Mr. Fraser`s case presents just one example of a trend our culture is witnessing in an upsurge of such false accusations. In a study done by the National Registry of Exonerations, 23% of 873 sexual assault convictions between 1989 and 2012 were exonerated due to false accusations. An ongoing investigation finds that to date, only one person has been tried, but none convicted for false accusations of sexual assault in Washington. Instead false accusers are supported by community members, fueled by the media, and their accusations instigated by police and local government.

Supporters of Mr. Fraser say he is undeniably innocent. They have evidence, spanning back to 2005, verifying prejudgment against the ministry and proving Fraser`s innocence. Last spring the media became inflamed, while exploited by those plotting the false charges. The case has now taken another direction as the defense has submitted evidence of religious persecution and hate crimes to the district attorney and prosecutors. Experts remain baffled as to why the prosecutors have not yet dismissed the case.

Earlier this year, Sound Doctrine launched "The Discerning Times", a newspaper with the purpose of bringing positive, inspirational, and thought-provoking news and ideas to the community. The paper`s recent "justice" issue includes a time-line which shows the progression of the hate crimes and governmental misconduct against the ministry.

This case is not isolated. Timothy Williams, the editor of "The Discerning Times" says churches and ministries across the country should take notice of this case and be worried about their own safety and that of their families.

"Ignore this at your own peril," says Williams. "If the lynch-mob mentality and religious persecution continues to spread and succeed, anyone . . . could find themselves the next victims."

Williams encourages readers to contact their governor and demand specific reforms that safeguard against false accusations succeeding. "Ministries must be allowed to confidently serve in their capacity to support the families in their communities."

To view details and a comprehensive timeline about the case, including governmental misconduct, visit The site also offers articles following similar stories and insights on how citizens can take action against the lynch-mob culture.

To receive a copy of The Discerning Times or for interviews contact Adam Cothes, or by calling (253) 237-4184.

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