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Published:November 27th, 2012 13:45 EST

Russian 'End Of The World' Kit Includes Vodka And A Rope

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Russians can face the Mayan apocalypse fully prepared thanks to a kit being sold that includes a bottle of vodka and -- as a nod to pessimists -- some rope.

For those who think they might have a chance of surviving whatever comes on Dec. 21, the kits contain other staples: a packet of buckwheat, a can of fish, candles, matches, notepad, pencil, heart and other medication, and soap. It also has a helpful tutorial on post-apocalypse board games to pass the time after the world as we know it comes to an end."



There`s a slight problem with the Russian " end of the world" kit, every Russian household that can afford vodka already has at least a couple of bottles.

But the rope might come in handy for those who don`t dare brave the post-apocalyptic Russia where the Pu**y Riot girls are in charge and Putin is their lapdog.

The Russian kit really sucks; I would trade the vodka for weed, the fish for Twinkies, and the buckwheat for popcorn. What the hell is buckwheat, anyway?

The only game I would want to play in a post-apocalyptic world would be Russian Roulette.

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