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Published:November 28th, 2012 11:23 EST
GOP Needs to Drop John McCain

GOP Needs to Drop John McCain

By SOP newswire2

The following is submitted by Jennifer Mason, Personhood USA Communications Director:

In a Fox News interview on Sunday, John McCain urged Republicans to drop the abortion issue, claiming that party members need to leave abortion alone. These statements made me wonder: instead of dropping the abortion issue, why not drop John McCain? For that matter, why not drop all of the Republican candidates who want to maintain the status quo on abortion, which includes upholding among the most outrageously liberal abortion laws in the world?

McCain is just the tip of the iceberg -- as so-called "moderate" Republicans are urging a push toward the political left, young female voters like me who declined to vote for Mitt Romney are left scratching our heads.

The glaring problem in the past election was not that Romney was too pro-life. If the GOP can`t elect one of the most pro-abortion Republican candidates ever to grace the candidacy, choosing an even more pro-abortion candidate is certainly not going to help. The problem is that Romney is not a social conservative.

Let`s review the Republican primaries. In early 2012, Personhood USA hosted one of two presidential candidate forums, giving candidates a platform to share their positions on the abortion issue. Every candidate signed the pro-life Personhood pledge and participated, except for Mitt Romney. Shortly after, despite major financial deficits, other candidates who had signed the personhood pledge and continued to be outspoken on their pro-life positions were real contenders in the primary race.

Given the financial support that Romney enjoyed, I believe that those more conservative candidates could have won the race.

Candidates who are truly conservative and hold to their principles are electable. Candidates pandering to liberal voters expend so much energy on downplaying their conservative values (if they even exist) that they lose touch with their base and lose the race. Case in point, Mitt Romney...

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Source: Christian Newswire