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Published:November 29th, 2012 12:27 EST
Britain's Submission to Israel in UN Vote

Britain's Submission to Israel in UN Vote

By SOP newswire2

By deciding not to support the crucial bid by over 5 million dispossessed Palestinians for enhanced status at the United Nations, UK Foreign Secretary, William Hague, has all but admitted that he - and therefore the British people - is, albeit indirectly, another lapdog of the American Israel lobby.

This is a frightening admission because it highlights the acquired submissiveness of the United Kingdom under this government to a world configured both politically and economically, by a United States in conjunction with a small undeclared nuclear weapons state that is completely outside the authority of the International Atomic Energy Agency and which could yet lead us all into a disastrous nuclear war.

The action of the Foreign Secretary signifies a shameful capitulation of the once proud head of the Commonwealth to the demands of the small but powerful lobby that will have grave consequences for world peace and for the future of Europe.

The UK and the EU both need the valuable bilateral trading links with the oil-producing Middle East that are so essential to Britain`s economy, prosperity and security.

Meanwhile, a contemptuous Israeli government puts two fingers up to Mr Hague and to Britain as it continues to induce hundreds of thousands of its citizens to illegally settle on Occupied Palestinian Territory in gross violation of international law and the provisions of the 4th Geneva Convention on Human Rights.

In fact, the vote will be passed today notwithstanding the craven attitude of an AIPAC influenced America and a subservient United Kingdom. That does nothing to mitigate the utter disappointment of the majority of fair minded, democratic British and European citizens who do not accept the ideology of an Israeli-controlled Middle East or America.

The 29th November 2012 is a sad day for democracy as the unseen hand of Netanyahu`s Likud party stretches from Tel Aviv to Washington, via Ottawa and Berlin and thence to London in its continuing bid for regional domination.
By Douglas Reed