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Published:November 29th, 2012 11:15 EST

Cougar Demi Moore Latches On To Boy Toy, 26

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Demi Moore, 50, may be back in the dating game with another May-December romance.

The star was married to Ashton Kutcher, 16 years her junior, for six years.


Now, the New York Post says Demi has found someone far younger to hang with. She has been quietly spending time with Vito Schnabel, 26 and the son of star painter, furniture designer and filmmaker Julian Schnabel."

USA Today

Demi Moore suffered a mental breakdown after the disintegration of her marriage with Ashton Kutcher. Moore`s fans were hoping that she would learn her lessons, and move on with her career, and find a more appropriate romantic and spiritual mate.

But it seems you can`t teach an old cougar, emphasize on the old, new tricks. This time the ageing actress has latched on to a babe half her age.

Schnabel`s only claim to fame is that he has bedded another cougar, Elle Macpherson. The young pup may enjoy collecting cougar trophies, but Moore is a high-maintenance basketcase who is going to bring him nothing but grief.

Demi needs to face the facts of life:

She`s too old to be partnering with 20-somethings; at this point in her life she needs stability and friendship more than she does sexual acrobatics and publicity.

She`s too old to be anything but a supporting actress, only a relatively few thespians like Meryl Streep remain stars past the age of forty.

Girlfriend, stop embarrassing yourself by chasing young boys, and consider yourself lucky if you get a supporting role in a Lifetime movie.

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