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Published:November 30th, 2012 10:38 EST

Hapless Fisherman Leaves Tub Of Scallop Organs In Wrong Car

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Maine fisherman`s wife said he is trying to find a plastic tub of scallop organs he placed in a car he mistakenly thought belonged to a graduate student.

Michelle Mays of Southwest Harbor said her husband, Andy, spent six months collecting scallops and he stored the organs from the sea creatures in formaldehyde as part of a research project.


` What we don`t want is someone to say, `What the hell is this doing in my car?` and throw it away,` she said."


Andy Mays wasted six months of his life collecting scallop organs, and now his wife is going to waste a few days trying to find them.

If I found a plastic tub of scallop organs in my car, I would exclaim, "What the hell is this doing in my car", and throw the crap away.

I would not post a "lost and found" ad on Craigslist or create a Facebook page for the tub of scallop organs.

I would dismiss the scallop organs as a random act of tomfoolery, and worry about more important matters, like why on Earth do well-compensated particle physicists like Leonard and Sheldon have to share a crummy apartment.

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