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Published:November 30th, 2012 10:57 EST

Turkish Plastic Surgeon Performs 60 Mustache Implants Every Month! Turkeys!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Turkish plastic surgeon says he`s keeping busy performing mustache implants on men wanting to project virility, wisdom and maturity."



Dr. Selahattin Tulunay is kept busy performing about 60 of the procedures each month, I hope he makes these losers look like Groucho Marx.

The operation is not cheap, it will set back a desperate idiot about $7,000, for that kind of loot a man in Turkey can buy a nice car. A sports car is much more of a chick magnet, than a fancy mustache.

A dude who has hair removed from his back or his a** to be used for a mustache is projecting anything but virility, wisdom and maturity.

Such a moron isn`t virile, his body doesn`t produce enough testosterone for facial hair. He certainly isn`t wise, there are a 7,000 better ways to spend $7,000. He isn`t mature, only an immature and insecure jerk would throw his money away on such a vain project.

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