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Published:November 30th, 2012 11:33 EST

Video: Snoop Dogg Does 'A Christmas Carol' Doggfather Style

By Robert Paul Reyes

"It`s the holiday season and what better way to celebrate it than Snoop Dogg`s retelling of the Charles Dickens classic  `A Christmas Carol.` The Doggfather teamed up with Adidas to present this cautionary tale, which co-stars soccer great David Beckman, singer Rita Ora and NBA star Derrick Rose."



Every year during the holiday season families gather around the warm glow of the boob tube to watch one of a dozen versions of "A Christmas Carol."

But I ain`t down with any of these cinematic versions of the Charles Dickens classic, it`s the 21st century y`all, and for shizzell I`ma do up Christmas Snoop Dogg style.

I only tolerate David Beckman`s presence in Snoop`s video, as homage to the English roots of "A Christmas Carol." But singer Rita Ora and NBA player Derrick Rose keep it real, and keep the joint flowing.

If you watch a traditional version of "A Christmas Carol" drink some eggnog, but for Snoop`s retelling of the holiday classic light up a joint.

Come on homies, watch the damn video! Get into the G-Funk Christmas spirit!

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