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Published:December 2nd, 2012 12:52 EST

Outrage: 400-Pound Metal Gorilla Stolen From Hotel Pool

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A 400-pound metal gorilla statue valued at $5,000 was stolen from a hotel pool area on International Drive, police said.

"Hotel staff at the Metropolitan Express said they can`t imagine how someone stole the heavy statue.


The pool area is gated, but the gates are left open to allow access to the pool bar. The gorilla was several feet from the gate."


There must have been at least one hotel quest who exclaimed: I must have downed too many shots of whiskey, I don`t see the giant gorilla!

This monkey business brings up a few questions:

*Why doesn`t the hotel have video surveillance of the pool area? I imagine that a lot of hanky panky goes on at a pool that features a bar and a giant metal gorilla. If I were the security manager I would demand that management install cameras; I`m sure there would be plenty of entertaining footage.

*I realize this is the Metropolitan Express and not the Ritz hotel, but why would any hotel spend so much money on such a kitschy work of art?

*Why would anyone steal a 400-pound metal gorilla? If the thief displays it anywhere in his house, his friends will know he`s a thief with no artistic sensibilities.

I pray that the metal gorilla will be returned, it would be a shame if the unique work of art was sold as scrap.

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