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Published:December 2nd, 2012 13:29 EST

Study: Ladies More Likely Than Men To Check Women Out

By Robert Paul Reyes

"British researchers say women are more likely than men to give women`s bodies a visual once-over.

Researchers at Bristol University came to their conclusions after asking volunteers to examine a range of different images, including pictures of couples in films, The Daily Telegraph reported Friday.


They found women spent 61 percent of their time looking at the women in the pictures, and only 39 percent on the men, while men seemed to spend just over half -- 53 percent -- of their time looking at the women."


Guys will automatically come to the conclusion that this study proves that 99.99 percent of women are bi-sexual. Men are convinced that any time women get together for whatever reason, could be a baby shower or a book study group, that the evening always culminates in the girls having a naked pillow fight.

While I agree that most ladies are bisexual, I don`t think the women in the study were looking at the females with lust, they were simply sizing up the competition.

Have you ever heard ladies talking about women in a large crowd? Looky there, girlfriend`s butt is so large it can seat a table for four with room to spare! That cow`s fake boobs are spilling out of her halter top. I wonder where she bought her top. Good God, that heifer`s pants are so tight they must be cutting off circulation to her brain, but she doesn`t use it anyway.

Women are so busy taking mental notes of other women that sometimes they fail to take notice of studs, like yours truly.

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