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Published:December 5th, 2012 12:44 EST

Outrage: Office Complex Bans Poinsettias For Sake Of One Employee

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A three-building office complex in Ontario has issued a ban on holiday poinsettias for 6,000 workers due to one employee`s allergy.

Property manager Nexacor sent out a memo on behalf of Bell Canada explaining workers at the Creekbank campus in Mississauga will not be allowed to keep the traditional plants on their desks due to a worker suffering from an allergy that could be life-threatening, the Toronto Star reported Thursday."



Yet another example of politically-correct tomfoolery, Christmas is being ruined for thousands for the dubious benefit of one individual.

The employee with the allergy to poinsettias should quit rather than darken the holiday spirit for her thousands of co-workers.

I hope the manager who made the decision to ban poinsettias will develop an allergy to oxygen that will make him break out with boils from head to toe.

If the employee with the allergy to poinsettias becomes sick from exposure to the beautiful plants, she should blame fate, not her employer, or fellow employees. Life isn`t fair! Get it? End of story!

I hope the Bell Canada employees refuse to be bullied and show up to work wearing poinsettias on their hair or lapels.

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