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Published:December 5th, 2012 12:22 EST

Outrage: Paris Hilton Visits Hindu Temple

By Robert Paul Reyes

Recently Paris Hilton outraged Muslims by opening a new shop in the Saudi Arabian Holy city of Mecca.

Now the scandalous socialite has infuriated Hindus by visiting the Siddhivinayak Temple, a place of worship dedicated to the Hindu deity Lord Shri Ganesh.


Then she trivialized her visit to the holy place by tweeting: Went to The Siddhivinayak Temple for a blessing. Amazing to be in such a spiritual and special place.

I guess the pop diva deserves credit for not tweeting: Went to a Hindu temple! It was awesome, that`s so hot!

I`m pretty sure the United Nations will never appoint Paris Hilton a Goodwill Ambassador; she has a knack for creating chaos and turmoil all over the world.

Paris, honey, we don`t expect you to be spiritual or religious, we know you are skanky and scandalous. Please stay away from holy cities and temples; it`s OK if you visit only bars and clubs.

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