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Published:December 9th, 2012 10:03 EST

America's Most Wanted, Lindsay Lohan, Hanging Out With Boy Band 'The Wanted'

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Lindsay Lohan isn`t laying low following her most recent arrest. She`s traveling around the East Coast with The Wanted on their tour bus."

Fox News


America`s Most Wanted hanging out with boy band the Wanted; chaos and mayhem to ensue.

Lohan has a thing for Max George, a member of the Wanted, and her latest arrest came after she punched a woman in the face for flirting with George.

By the end of the tour the Wanted will be shooting up heroin, drinking whiskey, and cavorting with prostitutes on their bus.

If the Wanted care about their reputation and career, they will throw Lohan under the bus, run over her, back up, and run over her again for good measure.

Lohan you are beyond redemption, for goodness sake leave those poor innocent boys alone.

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