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Published:December 9th, 2012 12:04 EST

Outrage: Kind Lady Fined For Renting Garden Shed To Homeless Couple

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Canadian woman has been fined $500 for renting out her garden shed out to a homeless couple and their three dogs for $200 a month, officials said."



The metal garden shed is the type that you can buy at Lowe`s for about $200. A metal shed is like a room in a 4-star hotel compared to a cardboard box that the typical homeless person calls home.

What the hell the homeless couple even had electricity, the considerate homeowner ran an electric power cord from her house to the shed.

The kind woman even let the homeless couple move in with their three pooches. Try finding an apartment that lets you move in with three dogs!

The angel of mercy didn`t even require a security deposit from the homeless lovebirds. Instead of being fined, this compassionate woman should be awarded a key to the city.

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