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Published:December 9th, 2012 11:22 EST
The Proposed Egyptian Constitution Excludes Rights and Freedoms

The Proposed Egyptian Constitution Excludes Rights and Freedoms

By Harvey Carroll, Jr.

The proposed Egyptian Constitution excludes rights and freedoms.


The United States of America was founded on a "Secular Principle" of separation between Church and State...


This premise and the Bill of Rights give great freedoms to Americans, and those that visit our great nation. The United States Constitution protects people of race, color, creed, national origin, sex, age, familiar status and those with disabilities.


With this said, "we should take a bit of time and reflect on the proposed Egyptian Constitution giving broad authority requiring the Consultation of Muslim Clerics." 


Now, if we compare and contrast the proposed Egyptian Constitution, with that of The Constitution of the United States of America we will clearly see beyond the preamble as a Constitution that will take Egyptian freedoms. Much like what we saw with the silencing citizen`s voices, and the taking of rights in the form of the all mighty and powerful Supreme Leader in Iran.


The United States and the United Nations which supported Democracy in Egypt should call for Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Freedoms to be recognized and reflected within the Egyptian Constitution.


We should clearly voice how the United States Constitution and the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights protects those that Egypt`s Constitution would exclude...


We must continue to support those that went to the streets to fight for freedom and democracy, and recognize that they are now back in the streets of a divided Egypt, fighting for the same rights as Americans, and the UN Declaration of Human Rights provide for.


Without supporting these people and helping give them a voice, I think that Egypt could clearly turn into another oppressive Iranian type Cleric regime and/or Egypt could plunge into Civil War within the next week...


Thank you,

Harvey Carroll, Jr.