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Published:December 9th, 2012 10:34 EST

Video: Underwear Maker Bjorn Borg Pixelated Privates Undies A Big Hit

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Swedish underwear company Bjorn Borg turned heads with its new line of long underwear that makes the wearer appear to be nude with pixelated privates."


A gentleman who wears Bjorn Borg pixelated privates briefs runs the risk of disappointing his lady friend when he takes them off, she may ask him to put them back on if his manhood is smaller than the pixelated area on his briefs.

I would never wear a pair of pixelated boxers, it smacks too much of emasculation. I certainly wouldn`t strut down the street, like the man in the video, wearing the controversial undies.

As for a pretty woman wearing pixelated privates panties, I would pull them off; pixelated images give me a headache.

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