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Published:December 10th, 2012 18:28 EST

Lindsay Lohan Never Thanked Charlie Sheen For Giving Her $100,000! Moron!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"As reports surface of Lindsay Lohan "s money woes, actor Charlie Sheen says he loaned the troubled starlet money but never received so much as a thank you.

`I`m still waiting for a text to say  thank you,` Sheen told ET.


Reports place the amount of Sheen`s handout as high as $100,000."

ABC News

Hell will freeze over and Lindsay Lohan will win an Academy Award before she thanks Charlie Sheen.

Drug addicts are so consumed by their desire for drugs that they are totally oblivious to a kind person or an enabler who helps them in any way.

Not only is Sheen not going to get a thank you text from Lohan, he will never get any of his money back.

The train wreck is persuaded that she`s entitled to the money Sheen gave her; in fact she also feels entitled to designer clothes and jewelry that don`t belong to her.

Sheen if you really want to help Lilo, give her a solid kick in her rear end the next time you run into her.

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