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Published:December 11th, 2012 21:23 EST
Entire World Looking Skyward for North Korea Missile Launch

Entire World Looking Skyward for North Korea Missile Launch

By SOP newswire2

While the upcoming North Korea missile launch has the entire world looking skyward, author Eric Foley says attention should focus underground.

"By underground I don`t mean subterranean nuclear tests," explains Foley. "I mean the continued faithful witness of 100,000 underground North Korean Christians to the truth that God, not Kim Il Sung, has always been, is, and always will be in control in North Korea."

The Seoul USA CEO says the North Korean regime is using the missile launch to again divert attention away from humanitarian issues, including a network of concentration camps where more than 30,000 Christians are imprisoned and tortured.

Foley is calling on Christians and freedom lovers everywhere to look underground for the untold story in The Hermit Kingdom: the determined survival of NK Christians.

"They remind us that despite deceptive appearances, no matter what the Kim family and even world leaders believe, the Bible teaches that kings and kingdoms will pass away, but Jesus remains Lord of North Korea."

The Kim family has worked for more than 50 years to eradicate Christianity from the country, but the faith has survived and the voice of North Korean Christians will not be silenced even as the regime seeks to turn all conversation to another missile launch.

Foley`s newest book, These Are the Generations, is a rare, first-person account of the generational imprisonment and Christian faithfulness of one North Korean family. The story begins with the experience of the family patriarch in World War II and continues through the imprisonment and escape of his grandson, one of the book`s co-authors.

Authorities captured and imprisoned the grandson, Mr. Bae because he believed in God and evangelized a friend.

Foley`s book is relevant at this time because it shows that even in North Korea there are people who have always believed and continue to believe that Jesus, not Kim Il Sung, is in charge, and they live their life accordingly regardless of geopolitics and missile launches.

*Interviews with the author, Reverend Eric Foley may be arranged by contacting Tim Dillmuth at Seoul USA. More information, including bios, video and audio clips are available for download at Printed copies of the book and a press kit are available on request from Seoul USA.

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