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Published:December 11th, 2012 20:56 EST

Stray Pooch And Orphaned Deer Become Best Friends

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Missouri animal rescue group said a stray dog seen befriending a deer (Ella) in a cemetery has been captured and will eventually be available for adoption.

Officials at Elmwood Cemetery in Kansas City said the abandoned dog had befriended a cemetery deer dubbed Ella by staff and the pair had often been seen together in recent weeks."



Canines are very social animals, and it`s not unusual for them to strike up a friendship with a cat, a gerbil or even a deer.

The pooch probably sensed that the deer, who had recently lost her mother in a traffic accident, was lonely.

Cemetery workers said that in recent weeks the dog and the deer were inseparable. It`s sad that Ella will lose her best friend so soon after the death of her mother, but officials fear that the mutt will be unable to survive the harsh winter.

Unfortunately, deer are wild animals and they don`t make very good pets, but there are many loveable and friendly pooches available for adoption.

Visit an animal shelter and adopt a pet, a puppy or a kitten will bring you much happiness.

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