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Published:December 12th, 2012 11:55 EST
Scrap the EU-Israel Association Agreement, now!

Scrap the EU-Israel Association Agreement, now!

By SOP newswire2

The immediate scrapping of the EU-Israel Association Agreement, which gives unrestricted access to trade with the EU, will see an immediate withdrawal of all new settlement proposals and the eventual repatriation of all illegal settlers back to their homes in Israel.

The Israeli government only understands two factors: economics and power, and without the hugely profitable, bilateral trade with the EU market, it has neither. All the threats of settlement expansion will then cease overnight. Without trade with the EU, Israel reverts back to being primarily an exporter of citrus fruit, potash and computer software with a population of just 7m people in 20,000 sq kms with few natural resources and of little geo-strategic or other value.

Eventually even the US congress will understand that without the EU market, its Middle Eastern ally returns to the insignificance of being just another small state on the Eastern Mediterranean, barely the size of Wales.

Then perhaps, after 70 years of conflict, the international community can finally start to build a negotiated peace in this vitally important region of the world. Jerusalem will once again become the Holy City with free access to all and the United Nations will secure an independent state for the Arabs of Palestine, in 2013, the same as it did for the Jews of Palestine, in 1948.

In essence, there should be no difference. There are about 5.5 Jews and 5.5 million Arabs and they need to co-exist with 50% each of the available land and natural resources including water and coastline. Both states should be demilitarized by order of the UN Security Council and the US should permanently cease all arms shipments with immediate effect.

All that is necessary to achieve this positive result is to abrogate the EU Agreement, which should not have been entered into in the first place.

By Douglas Reed