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Published:December 12th, 2012 16:05 EST

Wonderful Sight: 50-foot Rubber Ducky Floats Down River Thames

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A 50-foot-tall rubber duck created by a gaming website was floated down the River Thames in an attempt to spread laughter in London.

Barbara Windsor of website Jackpotjoy said the duck was floated down the river Wednesday morning as part of the website`s "Fundation` campaign to boost the average times Britons laugh each day from 7.2 to 15, The Sun reported Wednesday."



A rubber ducky is a totemic object that is cherished by tots and adults. The mere sight of the cherished object elicits memories of joy and innocence.

Reading the UPI article brought back memories of playing in my bathtub with my rubber duck when I was an in high school, oops I mean kindergarten.

The Web site Jackpotjoy should be commended for creating a giant rubber duck, it will brings smiles to all those who see it floating down the River Thames.

America excels at things that are giant and kitschy, we should be ashamed that we let the Brits beat us to the punch at creating a giant rubber duck.

Let me put an end to this essay so I can search eBay for rubber ducks.

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