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Published:December 13th, 2012 10:35 EST
Alex Moore, Editor in Chief, of "Death and Taxes" Warns Against John Lennon Movie

Alex Moore, Editor in Chief, of "Death and Taxes" Warns Against John Lennon Movie

By SOP newswire2

Alex Moore, Editor in Chief, of "Death and Taxes" has written a scathing review of "Genius," the new movie about John Lennon, saying "I don`t recommend you watch the video." The 34-minute on-line movie has been called "A gold-mine of inspiration," "Outstanding!" "Compelling," and "Brilliant" from best-selling authors to national radio talk-show hosts. Movieguide simply said of Genius "Watch and wonder," while the Ken Mansfield, Former U. S. Manager for Apple Records (the Beatles` recording label) said "Genius will open your eyes."

Despite the glowing reviews, Moore believes that the free movie is an exploitation of John Lennon`s murder. Moore said "It started out with some standard man-on-the-street interviews and some archival footage briefly telling the story of John`s childhood and his controversial statement early in The Beatles` career when he said they were more popular than Jesus. So imagine my surprise when it then veered off course and hijacked John Lennon`s life, decontextualizing and twisting his words to make the famously religion-critical Beatle into a Christian propaganda vessel."

Ray Comfort, the film`s producer, said, "We did no such thing. We made it our aim to clearly and objectively show both sides of the coin, highlighting the opposing perspectives on the controversial statement." Comfort responded to Moore`s "Along with some maddeningly reductive street interviews about the nature of existence that any 9th grader in a semantics class could blow apart with an intellectual bazooka..." by saying, "Why didn`t he then do that in his review? If he has an intellectual bazooka, he should have pulled the trigger and blown the arguments out of the water. But for some reason he didn`t. Instead he just said, `I don`t recommend you watch the video.` Perhaps all he had was steam." The movie was released in conjunction with the book, The Beatles, God, and the Bible (World Net Daily). Genius can be freely viewed on

Moore`s full review:

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