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Published:December 14th, 2012 12:19 EST

Polish Dude Mistakes Hot Iron For Phone: Burns His Face!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Polish man said he was distracted by boxing on TV and mistook a hot iron for the telephone, burning the side of his head.

Tomasz Paczkowski, 32, of Elblag said he was helping his wife with housework while he was off work for a few days when he made the error, the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph reported Thursday.


"I was really getting involved in the boxing and was not really thinking about what I was doing,` Paczkowski said. "Suddenly the phone rang and I mucked things up: instead of grabbing the receiver I picked up the iron and put it to my ear.` "


I promise no "Dumb Pollack" jokes...

This dude so got what he deserved!

His first mistake was helping his wife with the housework; there is something incongruous about a boxing fan helping his wife with the housework by ironing clothes.

His second mistake was multi-tasking, dudes don`t do multitasking. Trying to watch a boxing match and iron at the same time was a recipe for disaster.

His third mistake was having a landline, who the hell has a landline anymore? This moron would never have mistaken an iron for an iPhone.

Dude, three strikes and you`re out.

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