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Published:December 15th, 2012 17:35 EST

Dude Tried To Drown Wife In Dog Bowl Over Undercooked Pizza

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Florida man is facing an attempted murder charge after allegedly trying to drown his wife in a dog bowl for undercooking his pizza.

Debra Watson told Orange City police she and her husband, Richard, 47, sat in front of the TV to eat pizza Wednesday night when the man complained the crust was undercooked and slammed his plate against the front door, reported Friday.


The woman said she slammed her own plate down and the couple began an argument that ended when her husband allegedly tackled her and forced her face into the dog`s water bowl."


There`s nothing worse than chomping down on an undercooked pizza. I can tolerate a cold slice of pizza or a pizza that`s so hot that it burns the roof of my mouth, but no dude should be expected to eat an undercooked pie.

I can understand the gentleman slamming his plate against the front door, but trying to kill his wife over an undercooked pizza is taking things a bit too far.

In the dude`s defense, instead of slamming her own plate down the wife should have apologized and ordered a pizza from Domino`s.

However domestic violence is a serious issue, and I`m glad the man was charged with attempted murder. While the dude is in the Big House, I hope the wife will be taking cooking classes at the local community college.

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