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Published:December 16th, 2012 13:11 EST
US Air Force Has Space Terminator: Robo Plane X-37B?

US Air Force Has Space Terminator: Robo Plane X-37B?

By Ron G Anselm


"The development of technology is never-ending and is as motivating as planting a handful of seeds and watching the wonders of nature grow into a garden of excitement and beauty." (Anselm, R.)

Today`s technological advancements are really exciting and motivating because it seems that science and engineering always come through in the pinch when a new product or weapon system is needed to defend our country or make our daily lives easier at home.

Technology has grown in every part of everything we do. I can remember back in the 1970s when it came to video games and arcades. Man, I thought the new `Kiss` pinball machine was like a twentieth-century city of technological advancements with its flashing lights and sounds that played songs like `Kiss` was in concert right there in that little room of fun.

Also, remember the Atari gaming systems that were like the now PS-3 gaming systems of today. I thought Atari was heaven back then. Playing the Pong game on it was to me like playing the real game of ping pong but a little slower.

Those pieces of technology back then were just the tip of the iceberg on what was coming in the future and we have seen the growth of everything from gaming to new automobiles that make law enforcement agencies work overtime on trying to figure out how to soup up their police cruisers to be able to chase down and keep up with the power of today`s cars on the road.

A lot of the new technological advancements have been in the works for years and we have no idea of them until suddenly they hit the air waves like a ton of bricks and leave us in Shock and Awe as we sit there and say, Wow! What`s next?!

The United States Air Force is the definition of `Shock and Awe` not only when it comes to the first stages of going into a conflict and weakening the defenses of any country we need to oust out of existence but when it comes to the development of weapon systems and now systems for space travel that would make the World War I veteran think they were in a new dimension.

A brilliant piece of technology known as the X-37 Robo-Space Plane that the Air Force and NASA have invented is now setting the bar higher for NASA Engineers to continue to develop space travel as if it were just a lonely stroll down Route 66 in the summer. What is known about this new entity is very little and many parts of this project are extremely `Top Secret` but are very intriguing.

What is known about the X-37 is that it is like a smaller version of the recently retired Space Shuttle but as far as the reason the X-37B is in existence and what its mission is are clearly unknown.

The spacecraft as it is known to the normal person is 29-feet long with wings and zooms into orbit with the help of an Atlas Five Rocket. Air Force top brass and officials are not disclosing any more information on the X-37B except that it is being used as an experimental space platform which also means it is not known right now what may be behind the closed cargo bay doors of what it may actually be carrying onboard. The X37B is currently in orbit for an undisclosed amount of time on one of its missions, whatever that mission may be and is scheduled to land after its current mission on a runway somewhere in California (probably Vandenberg Air Force Base). When it lands it will be using a GPS system to navigate its way from space to the long strip of concrete to touchdown at a top secret location somewhere in the Golden Nugget state.

The Air Force is saying the reason the X37B has no definitive time frame to return to Earth is because having an undisclosed amount of time to stay on the current mission of the X37B will get them more bang for their buck when it comes to their objective of the mission whatever the objective may be.

Since the Air Force is not telling us much about this top secret piece of technology they are also referring to the X37B as an experimental orbiting platform. It is also being referred to as a reusable spacecraft meaning just that, once it returns to Earth, wash it, squeegee the windshield, fuel up the tank and it is ready to blast off to the unknown once again. Since it is a reusable spacecraft when it does make its way through the starry lit space of space it will have to have some sort of armor or shield to protect whatever payloads it may be coming back to Earth with, from the scorching temperatures when it enters the atmosphere. It is equipped with an iron-clad of heat shielding materials surround it`s outer and inner cores.

This is not the first mission for the X37B orbiter. It completed its first mission after 224 days in space and made it back to Earth safely which made it the first to complete an automated landing in the United States. So, it sounds like the Air Force and NASA are testing the operation of the X37B in a step by step approach. This second mission is the number two mission for the orbiting platform and it celebrates a year in space, so it is still a rookie in the world of space travel.

There are a lot of opinions as to what the mission may really be of the X37B. If I put in my two-cents and opinion in I believe with the world of terrorism out there that has been a part of the lives of not only us in this country but around the world and is now another evil we have to live with,.

Maybe the X37B has been put into orbit for Uncle Sam to keep an eye on the activities of certain foreign countries? I have read a lot of opinions on this and a lot of the opinions shared are the same opinion as mine. It does make sense for us to be watching a lot of countries in the Middle East as well as others.

The Air Force and NASA are not commenting on this but did comment on the X37B`s operation by saying, "We are very pleased with the results of ongoing X-37B experiments. The X-37B program is setting the standard for a reusable space plane and, on this one-year orbital milestone, has returned great value on the experimental investment. Upon completion of all objectives we look forward to bringing the mission to a safe, successful conclusion." (Lt. Col. Tom McIntyre, USAF)
As the new top secret X37B Space platform watches us from above, scientists and the Air Force continue researching the ins and outs of this new spacecraft that could turn out once there is more information revealed about it to be a spy plane that keeps certain countries under close scrutiny or could also turn out to be a weapons launching system equipped with GPS that could throw a ton of power on any country from space without having to land one single soldier on any soil of any country.

We shall see what this new piece of technology is about that leaves our curiosity as hungry as a fat man in a Bakery shop.

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