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Published:December 17th, 2012 17:18 EST

Outrage: Dingo Who Stole Lady's Cash & Valuables Murdered

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Authorities in Australia said a dingo stole a bag containing several thousand dollars in cash and valuables from a British tourist.

Police said the 58-year-old tourist, whose name was not released, was visiting Jimmys Beach, just north of Newcastle in New South Wales, Wednesday when the dingo ran off with her bag of cash and jewelry, the Australian Broadcasting Corp. reported Monday.


The dingo, which has been the subject of numerous complaints in recent months, was found and killed. However, he said the bag of valuables was not found."


Dingoes have a penchant for stealing human babies, never to be seen again.

But this may be the first verified incident of a dingo stealing a bag containing cash and valuables.

This dingo had a shady reputation, but I don`t condone the murder of any wild animal. The bag of loot was never found, which leads me to believe that the dingo was doing the dirty work for the most dangerous animal of all: A human being.

If you are visiting the land Down Under, hold on to your baby tightly, keep your valuables secure, and give dingoes a wide berth.

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